"This is a small but very high quality experience...very finely acted...in particular Marc Bolton as Carl"    Lyn Gardner, The Guardian (Pick of the Day)


Marc played Carl in We Could Be Kings' premiere adaptation of Alex Garland's third novel 'The Coma', at The Pleasance during the 2006 Edinburgh Festival. 

Carl's journey starts when he is attacked on a tube train late at night trying to defend a girl from four thugs. They kick him into unconsciousness and, after waking from the resulting coma and going back to his normal life, he begins to notice strange shifts in his perception of time. He eventually deduces that his brain has created a surrogate world which he must explore in order to find his way back to reality. Through "flawlessly intimate monologues and fluid, occasionally balletic scenes" in which he interacts with the various characters he meets, Carl comes to questions his own understanding of what actually constitutes 'me'. Pitching headlong into madness, he desperately searches for a catalyst that might save him.

The reviews for the show were extremely good, achieving Pick of the Day in The Guardian from the notoriously hard to please Lyn Gardner. BBC Radio 4 also expressed an interest in commissioning the piece.

The play was directed by Marcus Condron and also starred Hayley J Williams and David McCaffrey.









The hauntingly beautiful songs used in The Coma, "My Word What A Mess" and "I'm On The Right Side", were written and performed by Alex Cornish.

The show's technical wizard was Jack James.