To listen to "The Quest For The Lost Voice", click here and select clip 10 from the jukebox.

"The Quest For The Lost Voice" is the story of two children, Glottis and her brother Tonsil, and their quest to find the Princess Strepsil's voice. Their journey through the kingdom of Trachea takes them through Shlepping Forest into Died Dark Swamp and up Millennium Mountain. Along the way they encounter some of the strangest people and creatures in the land, including Skinful the pub landlord, Capt.Spanker, Sibilance the Snake, Bucktooth the Rabbit and Singeon the Dragon, before finally doing battle with the evil witch Phoenetix and her henchman Halitosis. Will they succeed? You'll have to listen to find out! All the characters are voiced by Marc apart from Glottis, Tonsil, their mother, Princess Strepsil and Phoenetix, who were voiced by his voice-over artist wife, Eve.

CD copies are available for anyone interested in using Marc as a voice-over artist. Please send an emailed request via the Contact form.