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 Hull Truck Theatre, Little Red Riding Hood
Images © Louise Buckby


Marc played The Big Bad Wolf in Hull Truck Theatre's Little Red Riding Hood written by Nick Lane, a brilliantly-bonkers take on a classic fairy tale where the action took place at the trial of The Big Bad Wolf as he and Little Red argued their cases in Judge Fudge’s Fairytale court.

Act One was the case for the prosecution from Little Red Riding Hood, while in Act Two, it was the extremely dubious case for the defence from the Big Bad Wolf. After hearing testimonies from amongst others one of the Three Little Pigs and 'Mary Christmas', it was up to the audience to deliver its verdict.



"...pace, vigour and wild, energetic humour...Marc Bolton plays the Wolf with an air of innocent mischief, a loveable rogue...blissfully funny...When Bolton, as the grandma, sings a rap I’m a Mad, Bad Granny, he raises the roof. Everyone joins in without being prompted. Though it shares a stage with Hull Truck Theatre’s evening production, Little Red Riding Hood is not the poor relation. From the staging standpoint, it is given equal footing - something which it deserves."

Kevin Berry, The Stage


 "...Marc Bolton's furry-footed, rough-voiced Wolf...instant rapport with the audience... Bolton is so engaging...fabulous..."

Charles Hutchinson, York Press



Just some of the kind comments received from pupils at Cherry Burton Primary school, following their visit to see the show on Thursday 18th December 2007...

"It was extremely excellent and good how you did it with only two people and loads of characters."

"It was an absolutely brilliant show"

"My favourite bit was when the pig started to tell lies"

"It was one of the best plays I have ever seen"

"I liked it when the wolf dressed up as a granny"

"I enjoyed the wolf having a poo"

"I liked Mary Christmas because it is nice to have a bit of rock! I also liked it when granny started using her walking stick as a guitar. It was absolutely amazing!"

"Thank you very much for letting us in"

"We really enjoyed the show and the ice cream was tasty too!"

"It was awesome; it was brilliant; we all enjoyed it; it was hilarious!"

"It was really funny and all my friends enjoyed it too...I hope I can come back again."