Bouncers 2009


As Hull Truck Theatre said goodbye to its Spring Street venue, there was only one show that could bring proceedings to a fitting close - John Godber's iconic play, Bouncers.

Having started out as a two-hander in 1977, Bouncers went on to become one of the greatest plays of the 20th Century (as decided by the National Theatre in 1998), so to be asked to perform in this particular production was an amazing honour for Marc. The show went on to become the fastest selling, highest grossing show in Hull Truck's 30 year history.


Click here to see a clip of The Last Night at Spring Street


Reviews for Bouncers 2009

The Stage :

"These bouncers are exceptionally mean....Marc Bolton seethes and preens. These actors hold a mirror to clubbing life and leave no detail out. Their performances will be firmly etched in many, many memories. ....the cast moving with vigorous precision and...potent comic detail. " (Kevin Berry)  


The Guardian :

"...meticulously drilled interplay of four blokes in suits...Demand for this production was so high that nearly all the tickets were sold within hours of going on sale. It marks the end of an era, but you'd better hurry or, as in the words of the men in black, you're not getting in." (Alfred Hickling)


Yorkshire Post :

" of the most populist shows you are likely to see. If you can, book a ticket and revel in its brilliance. Sitting with the whooping, screaming audience it's clear that...there is every good reason why you you watch, you realise the actors are...a director's dream...most impressive...wildly entertaining " (Nick Ahad)

Arts Council England :

"a huge hit and a fitting way to see out Spring Street in style....the send off it deserves. Bouncers is a suitably successful final act for this much-loved venue."


All images by kind permission of Louise Buckby of Karl Andre Photography