Every Time It Rains  

Music by kind permission of Stuart Briner. Soundtrack download at Amazon.co.uk


"June 25th 2007. The rains fall, the waters rise and the city goes under. Over 8000 homes wrecked by the floods. It's a day you can't forget. Chaos and confusion. Drama and distress. Rescue and relief. And the abiding memory of the tragedy of a young man trapped in rising water. Two years on and it's still not over. Every time it rains the memories come flooding back. Wellies and waders. Sandbags and stress. The smell of damp. The peeling plaster and the builders from hell. The hassle. The humour. The heroes. From the writer of the acclaimed 'Northern Trawl' comes the real stories of Hull people in the floods, and how this unprecedented event in the city's history brought out the best and worst in a community."


Marc played Gary, a man whose refusal to believe his house could ever be flooded cost him dearly. He also played, along with many other characters, a man whose only thought is to save his precious Renault Twingo from the rising waters!

Gareth Tudor Price's vibrant direction and Stuart Briner's evocative score brought Rupert Creed's script (much of which was verbatim accounts taken from flood victims) to life to create a powerful and emotional depiction of one of Hull's darkest hours which resonated with everyone who saw it. Graham Kirk's fantastic set was also the first to have an upper level, which meant Marc was the first actor ever to go upstairs on stage at Hull Truck!


All images by kind permission of Louise Buckby of Karl Andre Photography



...overflowing with...emotion and spirit...a rollercoaster of a ride...doesn't fail to resonate in every single member of the audience...

...leaves you struggling to compose yourself before the lights go up. Needless to say, many failed. Not for the faint hearted; the intensity of the second half is overwhelming...

...hysterical story of a man, his car and his leopard print wellies [played by Marc]...brilliantly acted...well worth a look.

                                   ***** digyorkshire.com


...exciting...as the waters rise, so does the tension...moments where you find yourself stopped in your tracks...skilful weaving together of stories...

...a powerful piece of theatre...inspired...brilliant.

Marc Bolton brings his usual charm to the stage.

                             **** Nick Ahad, Yorkshire Post


...some fine moments...

...a glorious riff from a callous youth glorying in the sight of contaminated waves cresting front steps in the wake of his save-it-at-all-costs Renault Twingo.

                                                            Clare Brennan, The Observer



...shattering performances...

...the tears start to flow in the audience: the only water to be seen all night despite the sense of water, water all around.

                                                         Charles Hutchinson, York Press